On-Campus access to PHHP network with a MAC

Your PHHP managed Mac can easily connect to PHHP network drives by using the “Self Service” tool, which can be found in your Mac’s Applications folder.

It looks like either of the icons below.

Mac Self Service iconUF Mac Self Service icon

Open the Self Service app, and locate “PHHP – Connect to Network Drives” icon. Click Connect (or reconnect), and you’ll be prompted for your UF password.

Mac SS Connect Network drives


Once entered, you will notice your network drives are shown on your desktop – Share, Projects and your Home drive (which will be named the same as your Gatorlink name).

In addition, you may wish to use the “PHHP – Connect to Web drives” icon. Click Connect (or reconnect) and you will then see your Public user web space , and private web space (if you have any) on your desktop.

Mac SS Connect web drives

** Note: If you are trying to connect from a PHHP Mac from off-campus, you’ll first need to connect to the HSC VPN before utilizing the Self Service drive connect services.

Information on how to install and connect to the HSC VPN can be found hereĀ https://it.phhp.ufl.edu/2012/03/12/hsc-vpn/


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