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Update name/phone number/address in Outlook

Your name, phone numbers, and addresses are all contained within your Directory Profile in myUFL. All of these can be changed and should be kept up to date from the myUFL web interface. You can edit almost every aspect of your profile. This walkthrough will show you how to update your directory display name.

  1. login to my.ufl.edu
  2. click My Account on the left menu
  3. click Update My Directory Profile

At this point you can edit any of data on the screen. The following steps are for updating your display name (the name that is displayed in the UF directory and in Outlook)

  1. click the large orange text that has your full name followed by your UFID number in parenthesis, it will look similar to the text below

    LAST, FIRST (0123-4567)

  2. click the option button under Directory Name
  3. click the Edit Selected Name button
  4. make desired edits, and click the Submit button
  5. click the Log Off link in the top right when you are done

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