Gatorlink Account Affiliation Policy

The information technology (IT) group at the Dean’s Office of the College of Public Health and Health Professions provides numerous services to the College’s faculty, staff, students, and volunteers, as well as to collaboration partners outside of the College or University community. A Gatorlink user account is utilized for individuals to access many of those services provided by the IT group. This document describes policies and protocol for the authorization and affiliation of Gatorlink accounts at PHHP.


Individuals eligible to have their Gatorlink accounts affiliated with PHHP services include faculty, staff, students and other associates of the College of Public Health and Health Professions, as well as individuals who work in collaboration with the College.

Accounts are modified with differing privilege levels, according to users’ needs. Account features will vary and as such will be governed by policies unique to each level of privilege.

All users of College computing facilities are bound by the terms of the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy. An account may be suspended or terminated for violating this policy and others as spelled out in the PHHP Account Termination Policy.


Each department is responsible for authorizing the affiliation of Gatorlink accounts. Typically the Chair appoints a staff member such as a business or office manager to authorize accounts, but this task may be delegated to other departmental employees. Note: HIPAA training is required of all faculty, staff, students, employees, etc who have any level of account (see

When an account is requested, IT must receive sufficient information about the individual such that the account can be affiliated with the appropriate features. Please use the New User Request Form for this purpose. The department’s account requester is also responsible for informing the new PHHP user of basic login instructions once the account has been affiliated.

Account Termination

All accounts at the College are deactivated when the employee or individual no longer has a formal relationship with the College. Accounts may also be suspended or terminated for violations of UF or College policies. See PHHP Account Termination Policy for more information.

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