Software Management & Licensing

POLICY: Computer Software Management and Licensing

PURPOSE: To ensure that all computer software used by faculty and staff within the College of Public Health and Health Professions is appropriately licensed and to clarify responsibility for management of this software.


  1. The College of Public Health and Health Professions Information Technology Group will provide a standard package of software to all faculty and staff using computers. This software package currently includes Microsoft Office Products, Web Browsers, Adobe Acrobat and McAfee antivirus. It will be the responsibility of the Information Technology Group to periodically review and expand the standard College software package to reflect the evolving needs of the College.
  2. The Information Technology Group will be responsible for loading all standard software onto the computers of faculty and staff within the College. The Information Technology Group will also ensure that we have appropriate licenses for all standard software provided to faculty and staff by the College.
  3. Faculty may load additional software required for completion of their job duties as long as they have obtained an appropriate license for that software. It is important to read and understand licensing agreements. They can vary on expiration dates, whether multiple users can legally access the program, and whether information can be loaded on multiple machines.
  4. Faculty interested in loading new software should contact PHHP IT staff to see if there is a license already owned by the college or if the University has a negotiated contract with the software vener.
  5. The Information Technology Group will be responsible for servicing standard software provided by the College. It is the responsibility of the individual using nonstandard software to service that software.
  6. The College has the right to delete any unlicensed software from computers owned by the College. However, if software has been licensed within the last year and that license has expired, the Information Technology Group will more typically assist the individual in learning how to obtain a new license, rather than deleting that software.

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