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Terms and Conditions of the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions (PHHP) Facebook Sites including Policy on Posting Comments


The purpose of this page is to communicate with PHHP faculty, staff and students, as well as alumni and the general public about the education, research and service activities of the College of Public Health and Health Professions.

Materials and/or comments posted on this page should be in keeping with the purpose of the page, as stated above. Materials/comments should not reveal another person’s protected health information, student records information, or any other information protected by existing privacy laws. Any such materials/comments will be removed.

The contents of the Wall, Discussion Board, and other areas available for posts on UF PHHP Facebook page are the re­sult of text submitted by individual Facebook members and University of Florida (UF) alumni, students, faculty and staff, and do not reflect in any way the opinions or policies of UF or any of its colleges or departments. Further, UF disclaims any liability whatsoever for any postings or other material which are or may become a part of this Facebook page and does not warrant or guarantee that the postings or other materials will not be offensive to a user of the page.

The UF College of Public Health and Health Professions does not prescreen comments. At the same time PHHP reserves the right to block the content of any post that violates any UF policy, rule, or regulation. PHHP shall also have the right to remove content from these Facebook pages at any time, without prior notice, whenever it is deemed to be in University’s best interest to do so.

Please be aware that all content and posts are bound by the following:

Facebook’s Terms of Use and Code of Conditions ,UF’s policies, rules and regulations, including without limitation UF’s Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy , UF campus policies, rules, and regulations. Florida has a very broad public records Law. As a result, comments received are public records subject to disclosure to the public upon request unless otherwise exempt.


Expiration Date

Each post will expire approximately four weeks after posting, at which point it and all associated replies may be removed from this page.


If a topic generates more than 100 posts, UF reserves the right to select a few representative posts to remain on the Wall or Discussion Board and place the rest in a digest on this page. The same expiration dates apply.

Reporting Violations of Facebook’s Code of Conduct on UF PHHP’s Wall or Other PHHP hosted Facebook pages Discussion Board

Report abusive content to Facebook. According to Facebook procedures: “Facebook encourages all users to utilize the ‘Report’ links if they find abusive content. In most cases, you will find a ‘Report’ link below the piece of content. Select­ing this link takes you to a form where you can specify the type of abuse and make a detailed report. Facebook inves­tigates these reports and makes a determination as to whether or not the content should stay up. All abuse reports on Facebook are confidential. If you have witnessed abuse on the site that you are unable to report using these links, please tell us more here.”

To report violations of a UF policy, rule, or regulation, please refer the policy, rule, or regulation in question for reporting instructions.

UF administrator content

If you have a concern about content posted by the administrators of this UF PHHP Facebook page, please email us at support@PHHP.ufl.edu.

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