Email migration to Office365 (GatorMail)

UF Gatormail


If you are using Outlook on the desktop (Mac or Windows), Outlook may ask you to restart the program. At the time, if prompted to login, enter and password.

It is reasonable to check the ‘remember my credentials’ option on PHHP managed computers.

For Mobile devices:

If you use the Outlook app(Apple App Store, Google Play Store), you will be prompted to login again, remember to use “” and your UF password.

If you use the built-in email app, or any other mobile email app to check your email, you may need to delete and re-add your email account after your email migration is complete.

The UF Mail Documentation site has detailed instructions for configuring your email client and information on the migration experience with your existing email program:

Post migration changes:

If you use web email, the new location can be reached via the “Login to GatorMail” button at, or directly by going to

For iPhone and Android users, you might have to “delete” your UF email account from your phone and re-add it. When you re-add your account, choose “EXCHANGE”, and use “” as the address.

If you use Outlook on a personal desktop or laptop, you might have to close/exit out of it and relaunch it. If it prompts you for a login, use as the address.

Information for (re)configuring email clients can be found below or at:

Instructions for other email programs:

Outlook App for Android/IOS

Android Gmail App

IOS Mail (Iphone/Ipad)

Outlook O365 for Windows

Outlook O365 for Mac

Mac Mail


IMAP server settings information:
Incoming IMAP 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password
Outgoing SMTP 587 Auto Normal Password

Shared Mailboxes:

Shared mailboxes are moving to “UF GatorMail” Office365 cloud email service as well.

  • If you access a shared mailbox via Outlook, everything should stay the same.
  • If you access a shared mailbox directly via Outlook Web Access, the address you use will need to be updated to: “” or you can login to OWA and use “open another mailbox” from the “My Account” options in the upper right of the OWA window.
  • If you have students who have been getting to this mailbox via a ‘phhp-s-‘ student service email account, post migration they will be able to get to it directly from their primary UF email account.


You may have noticed the reoccurring requirement to use “”. The move to the cloud puts us in a very large, shared, infrastructure, so we are required to add our institution to our loginID (similar to how Eudroam wifi works, or even 10 digit phone numbers and extended zip codes). Once logged in, your email will be configured with your preferred address, we just need to be “UF” during the login.

We are here to help. If you run into trouble on Wednesday, we are available via the email address and by phone at 273-6200.

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