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Email migration to Office365 (GatorMail)

  If you are using Outlook on the desktop (Mac or Windows), Outlook may ask you to restart the program. At the time, if prompted to login, enter and password. It is reasonable to check the ‘remember my credentials’ option on PHHP managed computers. For Mobile devices: If you…

Instructions to Add Shared Departmental Calendar/Public folder to Outlook

Instructions demonstrated in Outlook 2016, but should be similar in 2010.  You must complete these instructions before you’ll be able to access the calendar in Outlook Web App (OWA) via  Not available via Office 365. Step 1 Open Outlook Client. Click the three dots in the bottom left…

Restore a Previous Version of a File

If you find that an important file is missing or has been overwritten, you may be able to retrieve a previous version without contacting the IT office. To restore an earlier version of an overwritten file on a Windows machine, right click on the file and select “Restore previous versions.”…

Onedrive @UF

UF Onedrive Onedrive is a University provided cloud storage service. It is available to everyone in the UF Community, and not currently approved for storage of Sensitive or Restricted data. OneDrive @ UF provides 1TB of cloud file storage. Cloud storage makes it easier to access files from different devices…


AutoArchive is a tool to keep your active mailbox size below the maximum set by the network administrators. The AutoArchive feature has a two-step process. First, you turn on the AutoArchive feature. Second, you set the properties for the AutoArchive feature for each folder that you want archived. At…

Terminal Server

When you are not at the UF campus and need to work remotely with your data or programs, there a few different tools that allow you to get secure access. One of the simplest methods is to use Windows Remote Desktop to access the College Terminal Server. See …

How to Lock your computer

At any point while using the computer press the Control, Alt & Delete keys on your keyboard. (ctrl, alt, del) A Windows Security window will show up. Click the “Lock Workstation” button. (as soon as your click this button it will lock your computer) To unlock your computer simply…


The University of Florida logo must appear prominently on every university publication. For guidelines on its use, including downloadable files and stationery instructions, please visit A UF logo designed especially for PHHP is available for limited use on the back and inside of publications. For instructions on…

Add a Networked Printer

The steps below are how to install a network printer on the PHHP network for Windows 7 Machines 1. Open Devices and Printers from the Start menu and choose Add a printer 2. Choose Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer 3.

SPSS for Home Computer or Laptop

To get SPSS for a home computer or laptop you first need to fill out an SPSS User License form and return it to our office. We need to have a record of each license request. This is only available for Faculty or Staff on UF purchased systems.

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