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Data Storage Policy

All Restricted, Sensitive, and Operational data must be stored on properly secured file servers and database servers. The PHHP IT Support Staff provides file services on the Home (H:) Share (S:) and Project (P:) drives. They also support MS SQL and MySQL database servers. Your restricted, sensitive, and operational data…

Operating System & Hardware Policies

Systems/OS Recommendation: PHHP IT has adopted the UF Standard Computer as the Colleges standard desktop. This configuration can be adjusted to suit any particular environment.  All machine requests should come through PHHP IT office to make the appropriate configuration changes, as necessary, and to configure a quote.

PHHP Web Policies

In addition to the Web Policies/Guidelines specified by UF there are a few additional policies for webpages and websites associated with the college of Public Health and Health Professions. Web Policies Follow the UF Web Policies/Guidelines. Have a link to Have the name of the department affiliation with a…


Our policies are in place to help the college run smoothly and maintain a secure and productive computer environment. Please use our recommended systems as a base for ordering the computing hardware you need. We can make custom orders upon request. Come by our office HPNP 4130 to discuss your…

PHHP IT Information

Hours: 7:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Phone: 352.273.6200


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