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SPSS for Home Computer or Laptop

To get SPSS for a home computer or laptop you first need to fill out an SPSS User License form and return it to our office. We need to have a record of each license request. This is only available for Faculty or Staff on UF purchased systems.

SAS Home-Use License

Students Students who would like SAS for home use can find the information on the UF SAS Software page. Faculty & Staff SAS Institute and UF’s Software Licensing Services allow us to distribute a limited number of SAS licenses for home use by UF Faculty and…

SAS/Access for Database Access

The College of Public Health and Health Professions uses SAS/Access to move data to and from the PHHP MySQL database. SAS/Access provides fast uploads of large database tables as well as the ability to pass SQL queries to the MySQL database where queries on indexed fields provide for fast subsetting…


How do I setup PIDGIN Instant Messenger? SAS/Access for Database Access How do I access templates in Microsoft Office? How do I get SAS for a home machine or laptop?…

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