Adding a Networked Printer

When using a PHHP managed computer, you can add a networked printer to your computer using these steps.

Open your Windows File Explorer (yellow folder icon).

In the top bar, it probably says something like PHHP-xxxxxxx.

Click inside that bar, and paste this into that address bar




and hit enter on the keyboard. A large list of printers will appear.


All printers begin with phhp, with the second number being either the building number or department description in most cases, and the third number is the room number the printer is located in.


For example: phhp-0212-2134-copier-prĀ  —> Bldg 0212, room 2134, Xerox printer copier.


Locate the printer you need, and double-click it. It’ll take a minute or so to find the printer, and it will

download the driver and finish installing. You’ll know its done when

an empty print queue window pops up, which you can close.

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