Connecting to Network Storage from a Mac

The college has network storage available on several drives that we add automatically to college-managed Windows computers, see PHHP Network Storage for more information on what the different drives are used for.

These are also available to college-managed Mac computers, but they are accessed in a different way:

  1. Open the Self Service app either from Launchpad or from the Applications tab in Finder.
  2. In this app, find “PHHP – Connect to Network Drives” and click “Connect” (or Reconnect if you’ve used it before).
  3. A login prompt will pop up asking for a password with the username filled in.

Once you respond to that, it will map the Home, Project, and Share drives for you (H:, P:, and S: on a Windows machine.

If you need to map the Web drive (I: on Windows), use the “PHHP- Connect to Web Drives” option.

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