Fixing File Permissions in Linux

When unzipping files on Linux computers always check that group permissions are set to allow read, write, and execute access. The zip file format stores the permissions of the files and folders as they were set on the system where the zip file was created. If those permissions do not allow RWX access they will keep other member of your group fro accessing the files you extract in shared directories.

To fix them, right click on the folder you just extracted from the zip and set the permissions as shown here. Make sure you set Group Folder access to “Create and delete files”, then click on “Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files”, and finally “Close”.

It may seem counter intuitive but the group selected above is irrelevant. The PHHP file servers use Access Contol Lists or ACLs to set permissions. Those settings aren’t reflected in this dialog box.

Fix Permissions on the Command Line

You can also fix the permissions on the command line. Open a shell, cd to the place that has the problem and run a command like this:

chmod -R 775 folder/

What if I don’t own the file?

If you are not the person who extracted the file, neither of these techniques will work. This is a fix the owner of the file– the person who extracted it–should use. If the permission change wasn’t done by the owner, call or email PHHP IT. If you can send the full path to the problem directory that will expedite repairs.

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