Setting up OneDrive backups on your Mac

If you want to set up OneDrive to back up your Desktop and Documents folders on your Mac, below are some instructions on how to get signed in and enable the automatic backup.

PDF version of guide

Open Applications folder, locate OneDrive, and double click to open.



OneDrive will begin first run setup. The OneDrive login screen may take some time to open on the first run. Once it does, log in with your



You will be automatically redirected to a UF log in page. Enter your gatorlink username and password, don’t forget the 2-factor prompt.



Once authenticated, the OneDrive app will reopen, click Next until you reach the Finish Setting Up screen. When you click Next here, another window will open, requesting permission to begin syncing.  Click OK.



Your OneDrive folder will open, along with a notification that OneDrive will open upon log in.



Click on the OneDrive cloud icon in your Menu Bar, then the Gear Icon & Preferences.



In the Preferences window, select Backup, then Manage Backup.  If you wish to save your screenshots to OneDrive, tick the box at the bottom of the window.



To modify folders that are synced to OneDrive, click the OneDrive cloud icon in the Menu Bar, select Preferences, Account, then Manage Folders.



Select or deselect as needed for your use case.



To check your backup of Desktop and Documents, click the cloud icon for OneDrive in your Menu Bar, Preferences, Backup, Manage Backup.  You will see the confirmation window confirming the status.



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