New User Request

Account Prerequisites

The College of Public Health and Health Professions uses Gatorlink usernames and passwords to control access to almost all services. As such, all new account requests require the new user to have a UFID and Gatorlink ID. UF Directory Coordinators can create UFIDs, set directory attributes, and create Gatorlink IDs.

Before submitting an account request, please assure the following tasks have been done for the new user:

  • A UFID has been created.
  • The relationship has been set and the person has a status of “final hire” and one business day has elapsed to allow for overnight processing in PeopleSoft.

If the account must be created before final hire, set relationship to “Consultant Staff” or “Consultant Faculty,” as appropriate. This relationship setting will cause the person to appear in the UF directory within 15 minutes. If you do this, please fix the relationship after final hiring so that termination processing will work correctly.

  • A Gatorlink ID has been created.
  • Unless the person is a collaborator from a different college, the Network Managed By (NMB) must be set to a PHHP department.

For more details on executing these steps in PeopleSoft see, Primary Affiliation settings for new accounts.

If these steps have been completed, please proceed with submitting an Account Request.

Note: If you need to request an account, but are not authorized to see the above form, please contact your department’s business manager to locate the staff member authorized to submit the requests.

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