Primary Affiliation settings for new accounts

This information is under review and will be updated.

In short, in most cases other than collaborators primarily associated with other UF units, please make sure you also take the persons “Network Managed By”(NMB). This is necessary for multiple services, including VPN access to many PHHP and UFHealth resources.

UF Directory Coordinators are advised to use “Departmental Associate” as an affiliation type, with an appropriate Working Title field in UF Directory entries for new employees/associates.

Benefits of associating someone with a specific department following this pattern, include:

  • As “Department Associates,” people gain faculty-like access to resources in and other areas. Important: A “Pre-Applicant/Contact” is only granted a generic view and is not eligible for any privileges involving University resources. An accurate date of birth in the UF Directory is required for these individuals to obtain a GatorLink ID.

Directory Coordinators encountering any difficulty should contact the UF Identity & Access Management by sending an e-mail message to

Creating a Relationship

  • Start the Manage Directory Information application
    • Sign onto the myUFL portal (;
    • Click “Quick Links” located in the myUFL Menu
    • Click “Admin Menu”
    • Expand the “Administrative Services” item on the Administrative Applications Menu
    • Click “Manage Directory Information”
  • Type the individual’s UFID in the “Enter UFID” text box. Then click the “Get More Information” button.
  • Click the “Relate Person” link which is displayed in the menu located at the top left corner of the application.
  • If the Dept ID is known, it can be entered on line 2 or you may use the Organization Lookup function to obtain the appropriate Organization ID before choosing a Relationship type
  • Use the drop down list in Item 1 (Select the affiliation) to select “Departmental Associate”
  • Click the Submit button
    • The Relate Person action was successful if the display returns to the main Manage Directory Information screen with an orange-colored message (e.g., ####-#### has been related to 33010000) appearing at the top of the screen.The second indication of success will be found by looking at the bottom of this screen where something like the following should be displayed:
      Current Relationships

      Relationship Type Related to Department ID(UFID) Related to Department
      Departmental Associate 33010000 (1X7X-GVYG) PHHP-DEANS-OFFICE

      Click the orange-colored ”Home” link located in the upper left corner to go on to the next step

Defining a Working Title

  • Click the “Maintain Profile” link which is listed in the menu located at the top left corner of the Manage Directory Information application.
  • Click the orange-colored “Person Demographic Information” link found immediately below the person’s name.
  • Scroll down near the bottom of the screen and type a phrase appropriate to the individual in the Working Title field. Please remember this field is not automatically updated if someone’s working title changes.
  • Click the Submit button. If something similar to the following information is displayed at the bottom of the screen, this action was successful. Notice the yellow background which is used to highlight the presence of recently applied changes.
    • Person Demographic Information
      Birth Date
      Not Specified
      Working Title
      Medical Resident
      Preferred Language

Making sure a valid UF-based e-mail address is recorded as a UF Business E-mail Address is very important since the university and college maintain an expectation that administrative messages sent to this address will be received. Although it is not required to add much more data, any additional information possessed – such as a preferred local e-mail address, business mailing address, office physical address and related phone numbers, will be extremely beneficial. It would be a good idea to let everyone know that none of these values are automatically updated. Depending on your unit’s practices, new employees may need to be advised to update their own information using myUFL functions, or to contact one of the UF Directory Coordinators in their unit.

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