Assembling your Monitors for AWL

If you are provided with one or more monitors for your Alternate Work Location, you will likely need to assemble them at home. These Quick start documents should be included in the box, but for reference, here are the PDFs:



Whether you have a single or double monitor setup, your main monitor will be a USB-C hub monitor. This allows you to connect your laptop to your monitor with a single cable that not only outputs video to your monitor, but also supplies power to your laptop and connects to any other devices attached to your hub monitor (soundbar, webcam, etc). If possible, we recommend connecting a network cable to your hub, as this will ensure a much more stable network connection.

24in Single monitor

27in Single monitor

If you have a second monitor, you can connect the second to the first via the DisplayPort Out on the Hub monitor. You will need to remove an orange rubber plug on the hub monitor to connect this way.

24in Dual monitor

27in Dual monitor

The monitor stands allow you to rotate them up to 90°. This will allow you to use the monitor in a portrait orientation, and also helps you to see the connections when setting up your monitor.

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